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2023 Class Schedules

2023 Class Schedules
2023 Class Schedules

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March 11-13 @ Thomasville  Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm, Monday 6pm-10pm

March 18-20 @ Moultrie Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm, Monday 6pm-10pm 

March 25-27 @ Thomasville  Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm, Monday 6pm-10pm

April 8-10 @Moultrie  Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm, Monday 6pm-10pm

April 21-23 @Thomasville Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

April 28-30 @ Moultrie  Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

May 6-8 @ Moultrie  Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm, Monday 6pm-10pm

May 13-15 @Thomasville  Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm, Monday 6pm-10pm

May 19-21 @Moultrie  Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

June 2-4 @Thomasville Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

June 16-18 @Moultrie  Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

June 24-26 @Thomasville  Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm, Monday 6pm-10pm






All students MUST pre-pay and pre-register at least one (1) day prior to class time.

DI CLASS SCHEDULE FOR  March through June 2023     . 

March 10, 2023 @ Moultrie  4pm-10pm

March 17, 2023 @ Moultrie 4pm-10pm

March 31,2023 @ Thomasville 4pm-10pm

April 14, 2023 @ Moultrie 4pm-10pm

May 5, 2023 @Moultrie 4pm-10pm

May 12, 2023 @ Thomasville 4pm-10pm

June 9, 2023 @ Moultrie 4 pm-10pm

June 10, 2023 @ Thomasville 9am-4pm

June 23,2023 @ Thomasville 4pm-10pm






DI Intent Choices - Your choice:

  1. Points Reduction
  2. Other
  3. Insurance
  4. Reinstatement
  5. Points Reduction/Reinstatement

ALIVE @ 25

This event is sponsored by The National Safety Council, is taught by certified instructors, and is sponsored by Thomasville Toyota of Thomasville, Georgia.

Alive @ 25 is for persons 15-25 years of age. The course is well-known and is promoted in several countries. Often our children believe getting a driver's license makes them assured of complete driving safety. This is simply not true! Firemen have to study two hours per day but everyday drivers are slighted as far as training goes. 

The 4 hour course is offered as shown below,  with a certificate at the end of the session, at either of our schools: 

  • Next Class:  To be announced

You may get more information and/or sign up at our main office (901 Smith Avenue, Thomasville, GA 31792), call us at 229-403-0926, e-mail us at, or contact us here

NOTE: The class date may be changed ocassionally due to a previously scheduled class.

Cooper-Zeh DUI and Safe Way Defensive Driving Schools

Home Office:
901 Smith Avenue
Thomasville, GA 31792


Tel 229-403-1392
Tel 229-403-0926

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