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DUI School Comments

DUI School Comments
DUI School Comments

We have very good relationships with our clients while handling referrals for counselors / retrieving past files as well. 

Our goal is to help clients past and present.

Please let them 'toot their horns' about our schools : *DUI School *Defensive Driver School

They were the best instructors ever. They made class very interesting, I couldn't have asked better instructors.

I will only make low risk choices rather than high risk choices.

Everything was clear and on point.

You were great, informative, interesting and hopeful!

This course should be taught in high school! None of us would be here right now. Please get the authorities to enact a law that would open this door.

I have tattoos all over me. I wasn't judged and I can tell by body language when someone is judging me. I learned a lot and will stay in a low risk life style

I have been in at least 3 other dui classes due to my long term drinking. This is the first time I have stayed awake due to this DUI school. Thank You Cooper-Zeh DUI School and staff.

In my opinion this program was not only effective but perfect in helping me overcome my alcohol problems.

It was more than educational, it was inspirational

After this school, I'm done smoking weed!

The guest speakers were very impactful and a great way to grab attention for our benefit. Thank you.

I never realized how much my mother enabled me, it's time I take responsibility for me, myself and I.

Our Instructor, He didn't talk down to us, he just showed us how we need to move forward.

My instructor was very knowledgeable regarding alcohol and drugs. He also gave us great interaction in our class.

We have many more comments such as these and are very thankful.

Question: Which part of the group was most useful to you? Student's answer: Just letting out what I always kept inside.

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