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Safe Way Defensive Driving School

We are delighted to offer this course. It saves you money on your auto insurance normally 10% for a fee of $25.00. We also offer Reinstatement+Points Reduction, Suspension/Reinstatement and Points Reduction (7 Points) off your Drivers License the cost is only $95.00. Time period is 5 Years.

New customers need to supply Date of Birth and Social Security number or have existing DL or ID.

The purpose for all of this information is for our documentation per our defensive driver class to satisfy your state requirements.

Come save some money/reduce points at our 6 hour class. Bring your (required ID's-above) and have a great class.

Program Certification # DI 2203, 2219

Lower your Insurance Premiums and Erase Points Off your Drivers License number!


Insurance per 6 hour course $25.00
Points Reduction, Reinstatement per 6 hour class $95.00


Cooper-Zeh DUI and Safe Way Defensive Driving Schools

Home Office:
901 Smith Avenue
Thomasville, GA 31792


Tel 229-403-1392
Tel 229-403-0926

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