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Georgia law requires anyone who had their driving or license suspended or revoked due to alcohol or drug violations, DUI or Georgia controlled substance act are mandated to sucessfully complete a DUI/alcohol or Drug use risk reduction school from a certified program and show proof there of as a condition of reinstatement.

Other requirements dealing with other offenses/ convictions may have to complete a risk reduction program under the direction of the court or condition of probation.

* DUI School consists of 2 sections:

The Assessment consists of a questionnaire, the results are used by the instructor during the intervention course to address issues concerning beliefs and behaviors related to drugs and/or alcohol. It will take approximately 30 -45 minutes to complete and sign up. The state of Georgia sets the fee of $100.00.

The 20 hour intervention consists of classroom instruction, discussion and education using video clips, written materials(manual) and activities. Nobody can be late for this program per State guidelines.The state of Georgia sets the fee for this course at $235.00 plus $25.00 for the class manual. The total is $260.00

* We offer free listings of addiction and substance abuse counselors

State Certification # DUI 10196, 10248


Initial Fee: Assessment Analysis $100.00
  Intervention School $235.00
  Class Workbook $25.00
  Total Class Fee $360.00*

* DUI payments must be paid in full prior to class
* Other services vary by service/fees

Cooper-Zeh DUI and Safe Way Defensive Driving Schools

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